Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jimi Hendrix: The Sex Tape

In a day and age in which a new celebrity sex tape is released, it's very rare in which a true legend is exposed. After a long wait and so much interest, the Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape has finally been released, and can be seen here! For those who doubt it's authenticity, famous groupie and master cock molder Cynthia Plaster Caster says "No doubt about it...that's Jimi Hendrix and I should know." Even one of his favorite intimate partners Pamela DesBarres chimed in by saying "Jimi liked to be filmed having sex... and this footage proves how fabulous he was in bed."

With these positive ID's, you can be sure that this vintage film of Jimi Hendrix having sex and getting a blowjob by two groupies is authentic! Watch as Jimi gets sucked, fucked and pleases these hippie chicks with his massive black dick!

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