Thursday, June 4, 2009

Orgy, Hardcore!

Special Appearance by Masuimi Max. Lipstick wearing, Knife wielding street broads in tight skirts have the run of the exotic lingerie racket run by top bitch switchblade Molly. Business is good for the belles, and as they get a new shipmentready to hit the streets, This gang of delinquent devil dolls realize they need some extra help to keep up with the demand form the lingerie addicted pinups in squaresville. So they get help from evil mastermind Damon, Who's breaking in a new hellcat on TIKI Island. These Pretty but deadly pinups are Vicious, Reckless, sex hungry!! ...Chemistry - Tristan Taormino brings six porn stars to a secluded house for the weekend and lets them loose to live out their fantasies. All the sexual hook-ups are spontaneous and completely up to the performers, and they waste no time getting naked before the cameras are even ready to roll! Sex begins as a one-on-one affair until whoever has the Perv Cam joins in, and pretty soon it becomes an incredible 36 hour orgy. See what happens when Sinnamon indulges her insatiable appetite, Tyler is left alone with all three women, Penny pushes her boundaries, Evan puts on his tiger suit, Adrianna uses her feet in some unusual ways, and Johhny arrives late├»¿½and must make up for lost time.