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Frank Eudy, 28, originally from Marion, Arkansas... unemployed and lives in Naples, Florida. He is the son of professional wrestler Sid Eudy, better known as Sid Vicious. He has described himself as a "straight-talkin' muthaf***a."[clarification needed] Frank describes himself as gregarious, interesting and engaging. His favorite activities include going to the beach, exercising, and being around people. Frank's strategy coming into the Big Brother house was to set up a "dream team" all playing certain roles.[citation needed] Frank's fears are spiders and snakes. His biggest accomplishment he's most proud of is paying for his braces while he was working through college. Frank is known to be impulsive, confrontational, overly emotional, hot headed and short tempered. Frank was arguably the worst person to be on Big Brother ever.[citation needed] To some live feed watchers, some[who?] have referred to Frank's behavior as bullying. Frank frequently got into arguments and confrontations with many of his fellow housemates including Britney, Ian, Willie, Dan, and Danielle. He was a complete jerk to Dan because he didn't know the full picture. He then went on to get into a fight with young Ian, which was totally uncalled for. He yelled at Ian and swore way too much. Frank had a short term fling in the house with fellow houseguest, Ashley. He was also known for his lifesized teddy bear (that he got from the first house competition) whom he called Teddy B. Mike "Boogie" Malin was his coach for the first three weeks of the game. Frank's former teammates were Ian and Jenn. Frank seems to be especially close to his former coach, Boogie. Frank was formerly part of an alliance called the "Three Amigos," which included himself, Danielle and Shane. Frank was also formerly a part of "The Silent Six" alliance which also included Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane, and Boogie. Frank was nominated for eviction on Day 5 alongside Kara, but he survived the eviction in a 5–3 vote. He then won the "Big Brother Break-In" HoH competition. Following Willie's expulsion from the game, Frank nominated JoJo and Shane for eviction, and later had to nominate Danielle after Shane used the Power of Veto on himself. JoJo was then evicted by a vote of 5–1. On Day 24, Frank was nominated as a replacement nominee for Ashley, after HoH Shane used the PoV on her. Despite being nominated during Thursday's live eviction, the eviction was later cancelled after the coaches entered the game, thus leaving Frank in the game. He was nominated for a third time on Day 28, this time next to Wil. When Danielle won the Power of Veto, however, she took Wil off the block and put up Janelle, in an attempt to backdoor her. On Day 34, Frank survived the eviction again, as Janelle was evicted by a vote of 8-1. Soon afterwards, Frank became HoH for the second time this season after winning the "Battle of the Bands" competition. On Day 36, Frank won his first Veto. On Day 42, Frank was nominated alongside his former coach, Mike. On Day 43, Frank won his second Veto of the season. On Day 48, Frank won his third Veto of the season, tying fellow housemate Shane Meaney's and James Zinkard from Big Brother 9's record of 3 consecutive Veto wins. On Day 48, Frank won the "Pull Some Strings" Head of Household competition. Frank also was known on live feeds for never wearing deodorant. He was described by fellow houseguests to be quite stinky on a daily basis. On Day 49, Frank won $3,000 after opening Pandora's Box. On Day 49, Frank nominated Dan and Danielle for eviction. After the Veto competition took place, Dan hosted his own funeral, getting the house guests to believe that he had accepted defeat and was going home that week. After the drama of the funeral took place, Dan then exposed his Quack Pack alliance to Frank and revealed to Frank that Ian was the one who was giving information to the Quack Pack and sold Frank and Boogie out. Dan then made a final two deal with Frank (which was a deal that was not real) by swearing on the bible. Frank then formed a secret final four alliance with Dan, Danielle and Jenn called "Last Call Crew." Frank struck a deal with Dan and convinced his closest ally, Jenn to use the Veto in order to save Dan from the block. The plan worked when Jenn used the Veto to save Dan from the block and Frank then replaced Dan with Britney. Britney was evicted by 4–1 vote. On Day 56, Frank was nominated for the sixth time this season alongside his ally and former teammate Jenn, by his former teammate Ian. On Day 57, Dan won the Veto, with Frank hoping that Dan would use the Veto on him to save him from the block. However, instead, Dan used the Veto to take Jenn off the block in repayment for Jenn using the Veto to save Dan the previous week. Ian then replaced Jenn with Joe alongside Frank on the block. On Day 62, Frank was evicted by a 3–1 vote and became the third jury member of the season. He came in 7th place. Frank voted for Ian to win Big Brother. On finale night, Frank was voted as America's Favorite Houseguest and was therefore awarded $25,000.
After being nominated six times, Frank is now tied for most nominations in a single season. He shares this record with Big Brother 3's Amy Crews Ouellette and Big Brother 9's Sharon Obermueller. However, unlike those two former players, Frank has been evicted only once in his season, whereas Crews-Ouellette and Obermueller have each been evicted twice in their respective seasons.
Despite his initial dislike of Dan, they later become friends and Frank respected the way he went out in the hands of Ian and Dan, people who played the game rather than in the hands of people who didn’t play the game like Joe or Danielle.

Name: Misti Love
AKA: Misty Love, Misty Luv, Malia Love